Firstly we hope that you, your family, friends and colleagues are all
happy and healthy.

We're currently operating BAU with our Consultants working remotely.

If you'd like to speak with us please feel free to call.

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Looking for a new job or need to find talented people in printed’ve come to the right place!

Our world is a world of people and relationships, not CV’s and jobs, we believe the most important thing a business can do is hire great people. We also believe everyone deserves to be in a job that's right for them, allowing them to be the person they can and help them achieve what they believe. We help great people find their dream job and help great companies meet those great people.

Aim Search work out of beautiful, converted stables in the Essex countryside, finding amazing people for our loyal, long-standing Clients across the UK and around quite a bit of the Globe.

We’ve been carefully and steadily growing our expertise, networks and reputation for the past decade to become a trusted recruitment partner in the printed communications sector, connecting people with people.

Our mission...

Is to be the a trusted recruitment partner for people in the printed communications sector by providing an outstanding Client and Job Seeker experience.

Our values...

Honesty, Passion, Transparency, Communication, Loyalty, Integrity, Intelligence, Collaboration, Accountability, Knowledge.

Our ambition...

We want to delight the Job Seekers and Clients we help meet each other by delivering nothing short of a total, quality experience, ensuring the highest standards consistently along the way.